M2 Chiropractic



Who We Treat



At M2 Chiropractic we treat all levels of athletes, from the weekend warrior to professionals. We use the latest techniques to improve athletic performance and reduce risk for injury. Dr Matt is even certified to work on the PGA Tour Medical Staff and works with many professional sports teams in the area.

Moms & Kids

Dr Evan is Webster Certified and a member of the ICPA. This means she has extensive training in prenatal, postnatal, and pediatric care. She can help make sure your body is at its best throughout every stage of your pregnancy.

Everybody Inbetween

You don’t need to be an athlete or be pregnant to benefit from our services. We have extensive experience treating all kinds of injuries from “sleeping wrong” to “slouching at my desk”. Even if you want to just improve joint health and make sure things are moving like they should we have you covered.



At M2 Chiropractic we want our patients to have every chance to recover properly. Because of this we give our patients unlimited access to our recovery tools. This includes our Recovery Pump Compression Pants, Hypervolt Massage Gun, and other recovery equipment.